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 The Future of Wastewater Surveillance;

How can it Protect Public Health? 

What we can learn from international approaches to public health monitoring

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WBE Webinar | Public Health & Wastewater Quality

Learn more about the future of wastewater surveillance to protect public health.




Moderator:  Dr. Itai Bar-Or - Director | Israel National Centre for Environmental Virology

  1. Israeli Ministry of Health about the future of public health in the collection system
    Moshe  Wein -WBE Surveillance Project Lead | Israeli Ministry of Health

  2. Managing an evolving pandemic using virome abundance and diversity 
    Prof. Ariel Kushmaro - Department of Biotechnology Engineering | BGU

  3. Tracking antimicrobial resistance using a One Health-based approach
    Prof. Jacob Moran-Gilad, MD MPH FESCMID | Ben Gurion University of the Negev 

  4. Lessons learned and the future outlook of public health surveillance. 
    Jordan Schmidt - Director, Product Applications | LuminUltra Technologies Ltd

  5. From pandemic disaster to pandemic preparedness: Valuable insights from two continents 
    Kerusha Lutchmiah - Consultant & Project Manager - Water Technology International | Royal Haskoning DHV

    In this session we’ll share the lessons learned while integrating and comparing clinical and wastewater surveillance data from the Netherlands and South Africa into our dashboard.
    A dashboard is only as good as the data it receives, so developing a standardized data protocol was imperative to overcoming the challenges in the two very different countries.

    These challenges include:
    - Lack of funds & lack of ownership
    - Testing not being accessible to everyone
    - Large gaps in data, unexplained peaks and differences in normalization
    - Differences in methodologies and monitoring regimes
    - Privacy regulations
    - Politics, including country bans and their consequence on research

    Regardless of the challenges, a comparison of the data was still possible, resulting in valuable outcomes. This showed that a beneficial pandemic monitoring program can be developed with urgency, to predict future measures and prevent further surges. 


“COVID will pass, but Public Health will always be relevant.”

Dr. Itai Bar-Or - Director | Israel National Centre for Environmental Virology