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At Kando we strongly believe that wastewater can be a valuable resource in improving the quality of life. Everything that we dispose of through our sewer system eventually returns to our natural water sources and is often repurposed for the agricultural sector or drinking water.


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account executive

US Sales Director

The Sales Director will be responsible for both leading the delivery of revenue and selling SaaS solutions to the wastewater industry while working closely with sales and executive leadership to develop and enhance overall sales strategy, budget and plan. 

The Director of Sales will report to the CRO

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Sales Executive UK

Kando is searching for an experienced Account Executive person that will develop the company sales in UK territory As the company Account executive, you will lead our sales effort in UK to reach and exceed sales targets and drive sales growth. 



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US Customer Success

Kando is looking for an exceptional Customer Success Manager that will drive the customer journey and act as a trusted advisor to US based clients install base. The Customer Success Manager will be responsible for leading the delivery of revenue of Kando customers in the US. 


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How we work

Kando is a wastewater intelligence company dedicated to supporting the water and public health sectors. With our wastewater intelligence platform, Pulse, utilities and health officials seamlessly collaborate, bridging the gap between wastewater management and public health protection. By harnessing the power of data and AI analytics, we pave the way for a cleaner and healthier environment, ensuring the well-being of communities and enabling a more sustainable and resilient future.

Quality Pulse
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Kando Pulse offers advanced event detection capabilities within the wastewater network, enabling the tracking of sources and communication of impacts on both the network and public health. Through real-time insights and early detection, we empower utilities and health authorities to respond promptly to potential threats, mitigating risks and safeguarding the welfare of the community.

Kando’s Quality Pulse provides wastewater insights by seamlessly integrating advanced data sets, including historical data, GIS, real-time data, and AI analytics.

These comprehensive insights empower utilities to effectively detect wastewater events within their collection system, track their routes, estimate their impact, and communicate the findings to their team. With features like live mapping, event insights, and source detection capabilities, Kando offers unprecedented visibility across your entire network. This grants utilities unparalleled oversight of conditions throughout their wastewater network, enabling them to strategize and optimize their operations accordingly.

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